WD6000HLHX VR Poor Windows Experience Scores

I have a brand new gaming system. My WEI score has stayed at 5.9 wwith a ASUS Maximus iV Extreme intel 2600K,16 meg of 2133 DDR RAM, and WD6000HLHX VelociRaptor. What do I do to improve the performance?

The “overall” score is simply the lowest score.  Whichever catogory gave the 5.9 is where any possible improvements would have to be made.

I have a ■■■■ video card.  My video scores are 4.5 and 4.6.  Adding RAM or overclocking the processor or changing drives might boost those individual scores, but without upgrading the graphics, my “score” will always stay at 4.5, no matter what else I do to the PC.

There may be nothing you can do to improve the drive performance, if it is already working at its peak.

The score is 5.9 on the disk data transfer rate. The reason I think it can be improved is even my work computer which is a standard corparate desktop has a 5.7 ddtr w/ a 5400rpm hd. Below are my system specs.

ASUS Maximus IV Extreme REV 3.0
Intel Core i7-2600K Sandybridge 3.4Ghz
w/Corsair Hydro H70
G.SKILL Ripjaws X + Turbulence II Series 16GB DDR3 2133
EVGA GTX590 Classified SLI
WD6000HLHX VelociRaptor
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W ATV PSU
Cool Master Stacker 830 Evolution RC-830-SSN3-GP

What sustained speeds do you get for the drive?

Because the Windows scores are not linear… that may be all you can get.

I know with ~100MB/s sustained rates, I get a 5.7

You probably won’t get more than about 175MB/s rates with 6GB/s SATA, from what I’ve seen others say online.

If you’re getting 175MB/s (or thereabouts) and Windows is scoring it a 5.9, then I think that’s the highest you’re going to see.