WD5000YS Caviar RE2 500Gb , Bad Sectors won't boot WinXP

Hi all.

I have the HD above as a C: drive booting WinXP Pro and is normally daily used with normal temperatures of 31-38 degrees (installed a fan under the drive). The PC wasn’t operating for weeks and today it won’t boot windows (showing the WinXP logo but the moving bar sometimes was stuck then moving again and then it will reset, trying to begin, manually selected safe mode, loading some files, ending up waiting to load a *.sys file then reset again by itself).

I have removed the drive and plugged it on an external disk device and afterwards plugged the eSata port to the PC for a scan. The drive is having 2 partitions, 1 for the system and another one. The 2nd partition could be readed and filelisted OK but with delays because the head of the drive was trying to read and identify the 1st partition which could not be readed. I have tried using the CHKDSK utility but it wouldn’t read any files.

After shutting down the system to cool it down, followed the CHKDSK procedure again and readed about 2600 files in few seconds, then got stuck for much time without being able to read anything while the drive led was going on and off trying to read.

Last, I used the HDD regenerator utility, which scanned from sector 0 until 106Gb with 0 bad sectors, then stopped by itself.

I want your lights on this, as I believe that the drive is not completely dead and how I would be able to recover at least some documents that I didn’t keep backup of.

Thanks in advance.

Try to run the WD Data lifeguard diagnostics, if your drive is faulty it could try to repair the unit. You can download from the WD website.


Thanks for your answer.

I have done an extended test with the DLG tool but I got finally a “08-Error while repairing bad sectors” and to contact WD technical support for help.

The drive is still under warranty. You think it needs to be replaced?

Indeed, you will need to contact WD to replace your drive.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: