WD5000H1U-00 no longer shows in Removable Devices, but shows inDevices

This HD may have crashed, or whatever. The last time I used it it did show up in the Computer as My Book. Yesterday I did a DLGDIAG that took most of the day to perform. It went through all 4 items and passed. In Devices it is recognised. What do I need to do to get the Computer to recognise it again? Thanks for any hrlp!

Did some search regarding the external HD. I fixed my problem. Went to Control Panel>System and Security>

Admin Tools>Computer Management. Filled out some spaces. VOILA! Went to Computer and in J there was My

Book. And it is in NTFS.

Request additional information from Synasonic51 - please advise specifics on what you did to recover external HD.  What was done in “Filled out some spaces?”  I appear to have the same problem and your advice will be most helpful.

Thanks in advance.