WD5000H1U-00 drive on Linksys Router "ghosting" files

So…I have the aforementioned portable drive hooked to the USB drive on my Linksys wireless router.

So it is a poor man’s file server in the sense that I can share data between my wireless-connected devices.

A most recent problem has occurred when copying a large number of files from a PC, laptop, whatever to the WD drive over the wireless network. It will copy the files initially with the content…then the files get wiped out with just the ghost shell of the file name (on the directory) I suspect. If I hook the WD device directly to a laptop, and do the same copy, everything works fine. Secondary problem is that you can not delete the ghost files off, I suspect Windows thinks there is a file there, but the file directory says “not”. Now this Linksys-copy problem has occurred half a dozen times - very aggravating because I am frequently copying large amount of photography data i.e. raw picture files up to 20mb each.

Anyone experience this problem? - I am guessing it is a buffering problem. I am running XP on the two systems I have used this for. 


The drive you mentioned works better when used on computers running Windows or Mac operating system.

You can try checking with the router manufacturer for more information regarding those “ghost” files.