WD5000BPKT "vibrations"

I just received a WD5000BPKT Black laptop hard drive and since installing it my Lenovo T530 which has a rubber mounting sytem I can feel a very fine vibration. I am wondering if this is normal? I did not feel any vibration from the drive I took out. It was a Seagate 320gb thin. Thanks for any input.

Hi yes there would be a bit of vibration I can’t say for sure but most likely the 320 gig drive was 5400 RPM and the black is 7200 RPM. I have also noticed this in laptop’s that I have used the black drives in but it does not cause any problems. Just to be sure there is no problem with the drive run WD data lifeguard on the drive to test it, you can find it here.  http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=703&lang=en

Thanks for the response Hammey. I have not run Lifeguard yet, but I don’t think there are any issues with the drive. Like you said from what I can tell this is normal for the WD Black drives. I found that they make a “fan” like sound too. At first I thought it was my fan coming on, butthen realized it was the drive. So, I have to say I am somewhat dissapointed in the drive because of this. Oh, and just to set the record straight the drive I took out was a 7200rpm drive. It was a 7mm and probably only had one platter as the WD is a 9.5mm and I believe has two platters. Anyway, I think WD needs to define what they mean by quiet drives as their definition and mine are a little different:-). Oh, I did send them an email on this issue but I am surethey are going to come back and say it is normal. Thanks again.