wd5000bevt doesn't let the PC starts

Hi, I have a problem with mine HD.

After a general PC failure due to a small fall, my notebook stops working.

Now I’ve fixed the rest of the notebook but if I put the HD on the secondary slot inside my notebook, this doesn’t start.

The HD gets hot.

I have a lot of data inside it and I need to fix it.

I hope it is only a small electronic problem, do you think it could be possible to buy another wd5000bevt and replace the whole pcb?

Best regards

Well, depending on the distance you can be dealing with mechanical failure. Seems t o me you will need to perform data recovery on your unit. Installing another PCB could work however that’s not 100% sure.

Thank you, for the reply, I’ll see how deep I can go into this issue.

What I will like to know as firts step, is if the motor is running or not. It is very silent so it is hard for me to understand if the motor is running.

Then maybe i can decide what to do, if the motor is not running at all it may be more likely an electric problem (my opinion, you may say that I’m wrong).

If the motor run i will think to a problem on the heads or broken weldings.

In order to discover if it is an hardware problem, it is possible to test the motor or the actuator arm anyhow?

There is any testing software available?

In order to discover if there is an electric problem, I can start to check if the power circuit works; it seems that there are many testing points, are available tips for a simple/basic test? (with a simple oscilloscope)

Best regards