wd5000aakx not getting detected

my wd hdd wont get detected in the bios ,its under warranty but i want my data i.e. my photos can it be rapaired please help me.it won’t vibrate when i boot my computer.


  • Can you check the data cables?

  • Can you test your drive with a different Sata port?

  • Can you test your drive using a different computer?  

I’m having the same problem. All of a sudden my HD isn’t recognized by my motherboard. This happened to me once before, and I have had to replace my Caviar Blue with the Caviar Black I have right now. But since my Caviar Black also failed, I’m at a loss at what to do. I’ve tried all three of the things you have listed and have confirmed that it is indeed a hard drive failure. I did the same things with the last one too.  My Caviar Black is still has its warranty. Will I be able to mail it in for a replacement?

If the drive is still under warranty, then yes, you can still RMA it. 

its 3 months old but i want my data off it about 10 gb of photos

i changed the psu but the drive wont spin up

If it didnt’ show up after changing the PSU, the SATA cable and/or port, then you’re most likely looking at data recovery.

will data recovery void my warranty?and after i rma the drive I plan on buying another and running them in raid 1 would my data be safe then?

Data recovery will not void your warranty.  Running them in raid 1 should be fine.  However, call me old school, but I still keep my data in two separate locations.  I don’t trust even raid 1 to fully protect my data.  I backup data regularly, but I usually spend 1 day a month doing data management to bring my drives up to date with each other.

Note: What I just said in the above means that I keep my data on 3 drives, at least.