WD5000AAKS - siren sound

I appreciate if you can please answer. I have a Western digital 500gb internal harddrive, which stopped working and not booting. its giving a siren sound (4 times near start) and then computer display updates as not bootable.

Model number: WD5000AAKS
Sound as .wav file: http://www.4shared.com/audio/G0xM0qrf/ext_-1.html
This is the drive I have: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a … 6822136073
the link has images of the drive.

From the siren sound, after researching it appeared like spindle stopped for some reason,…not sure if it is due to firmware or pcb part. The drive was working perfectly in desktop and nothing changed. It just died after a shutdown and then restart. I do not poweroff my computer and do a shutdown once every 2 months or so.

My question is ,… for WD50000AAKS does the head alignment change after opening the lid? Does the head alignment depend on the screw of the lid?

Appreciate any input on siren sound and if the lid  opening changes head alignment.

Thank you

Your Hard Drive is damaged and need to claim warranty if it is under warranty. Do not attempt to remove any screws on HDD as it would definitely void warranty. There are no user adjustable or repairable parts inside any HDD. An electronic  fault on spindle motor servo driver system create this sound.

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Thanks mabkay, appreciate your reply.  I am trying to have data recovered on it and am more concerned about data than warranty. From your  reply, I understand it is an electronic  fault on spindle motor servo driver system. The driver system is it like a part of the PCB of the drive?

As a 1st step, if the PCB of the drive be replaced from a clone drive and the unique id of my current drive transferred into new PCB,…would it solve the problem?

Any other suggestions you have for data recovery, I would appreciate it. Like any other steps, you would suggestion for data recovery expert ?

Thank you

Data recovery is a professional job and needs expensive testing equipment. If you wish to change the drive electronics, (PCB) you can try here.


But there is no guaranty that your drive will be fully recovered due signature issue - So discuss this with them prior the make any purchase. If you wish to contact WD Data Recovery agents, you can find them here.


With them, your existing warranty will not be void and your drive will be replaced with data if recovered. You’ll be only charged for the data recovery.