WD5000AAKS DSAA (dead soon after arrival)?

 Brand new drive.  I got it partitioned then when I when to format it did nothing. It did nothing for a long time and it kept doing nothing.     It spins up but even bios doesn’t see the drive now.  

I bought this hard drive through Amazon.com .  The packaging isn’t really secure.  The box itself is solid and had a pretty good set of cardboard pieces to hold the hard drive in place but it had no secure type of seal to indicate if the box had ever been opened.  I mean who knows,  Someone could have opened it, dropped the hard drive and placed it back inside. No way to tell.   I have contacted Amazon and awaiting response.   OEM packaging

It happens more than you can imagine, especially with oem packaging.

 First time for me since I usually buy OEM.   First time from Amazon though and like I said I wasn’t impressed by the packaging.      Newegg packages them decently and Dell better.


Anyway they already sent out a replacement by UPS 2 day but the snow has kept UPS from being able to deliver it here.

The drives and the quality behind them have taken a serious nose dive…

Here’s one for you. 

I have a 250GB HD, it failed after 6 months.  Paided for shipping and received the “Recertified” one, that one failed after 3 months.

Now they want me to pay AGAIN for a replacement… Go with Seagate or Hitachi, being in I.T and I promise you this company or any other company I go to will not buy Western Digital HD’s