wd5000aads recognized in bios but not by windows boot cd for new intallation


the internal hard drive of my pc, an hp pavillon (a6520.fr) with windows vista home premium crashed. i have unfortunately no recovery cd. so i used another hard drive, the caviar green wd5000aads to replace the dead one, and i downloaded and burned a bootable windows vista cd to reinstall the os on the wd5000aads. the bios recognizes this disk but while installing windows vista no hard drive is found , and windows suggests to look for a driver in order to detect the disk. when browsing for a driver which i dont have, its possible to see the “c” drive, so the disk is shown in explorer but not found for a new installation. one more precision, i have formated the disk in ntfs modus.
has somebody any suggestion to get the disk recognized ?

thanks for your help !

Hi there,

Try to do this:
Open cmd(command prompt) through windows installation,you can find it on repair my computer

Type diskpart, then type select disk where the is the drive you want to use, then type clean and done

Check the disk partition in custom installation.

Hope this helps

Hi Armak,

unbelievable ! it workssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!
i already tried some commands using diskpart but nothing worked .
at least it s going forward .
installation is not completed but seems to be ok

thanks a lot !!!