WD5000AADS advice needed

My desktop computer has been behaving very weid lately, It shuts down when it’s supposed to go into sleep mode, sometimes it hibernates. Neither those options are in the Power Plan (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit). When it wakes up or restart, there are long delays before the sign-in splash panel is displayed. Also the same when switching between users.

In an attempt to eliminate a troubled harddrive, I downloaded the WDB LIfeguard tools and ran SMART analysis.

The following values worry me - also they have a “1” in the “Warranty” column - what does this mean?

Raw Read Error Rate Value:200 Threshold: 51 Worst: 200

Spin up time: 153, 21, 152

Re-allocated sector count: 200, 140, 200

Seek Error rate: 100, 0, 253

Is it time to look for a new hard drive? I think this one is about 2 years old or thereabouts. Maybe less.

Thanks in advance

I believe those attributes are considered to be life-critical, whereas others (eg Power_On_Hours) are merely statistical.

If any value falls below the threshold, then the drive is considered to have failed, in which case a warranty exchange would apply.

At the moment all your drive’s SMART attribute values are healthy.

Thank you for responding.

Since these numbers are all rates and are larger than the threshold, does this not mean that they are worse than what they should be in a healty drive?

Eg. The  Read error rate is 200 and the threshold is 51. So more read errors than the threshold and you suggest this is healthy?

WD’s Data LifeGuard diagnostic software reports the normalised values of the SMART attributes. These can be interpreted as health percentages or health indicators, with higher values generally being better.

To see the actual counts and rates, you need SMART software that reports the raw values of each attribute.

HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

HDDScan for Windows:

See this article for SMART info: