WD5000 - Safe removal problem


Every time I am trying to safely remove my external HDD I get the message that it’s currently in use and can’t be removed.

Mid you - no programs are running, HDD hasn’t been used at all…

I’m running Widows XP Home Media Center on a Toshiba Satellite P100 laptop.

Any Ideas?

Is there a WD tool to say update the firmware or so of that drive?



Which drive is it and are using any backup software that might be running in background? Did you wait a min or two and try again? Sometimes Windows is still writing if you copied a large file.


Hi Yaskier,

Here is a tip on how to safely remove a drive

With the external drive plugged in, right click the drive in the folders list, then left click properties and hardware.

Left click the name of the external drive in this list, then click properties and polices.

This takes you to the “Write caching and safe removal page”. The default position in my XP is “Optimize for Quick removal” not “Optimize for Performance”

you can put the icon in the notification area by clicking the underlined “Safely Remove Hardware” on this page.