WD40EZRZ different looks?

Why do these WD hdd’s with same item number come in different looks.
Beneath are two. One has a extra sticker near the bottom. What could that screw underneath be for?
Can you notice where to get one or the other like country of manufacturing?



There are key areas where you can ensure you are getting a genuine internal WD drive:

  • Manufacturing Date: When purchasing your WD hard drive, make sure it has a manufacturing date no more than one year from purchase.
  • Package Integrity: Verify if the package is damaged before buying. Original WD product packaging are anti-static, sealed and have the WD logo.
  • Serial Number: If there is any concern, verify your warranty below and enter your serial number of your product to check the warranty.
  • New WD hard drive nomenclatures: Check our website for the latest brands available and images of what the drive logo looks like. Purchase our new generation of hard drives.

For more information, please refer to the KBA article: Safe Buying Guide