WD4003FRYZ Gold 4TB unallocated

Hi everyone,
I have since the beginning, a problem with my computer and in particular the hard disks. Indeed these last ones become unallocated without any reason.To describe you a little more the problem… I have 3 disks in my computer, a Kingston KC2500 NVMe PCIe SSD -SKC2500M8/1000G M.2 2280 directly connected to the motherboard that works perfectly, the OS is installed on it and there is no problem.The two others were, a SanDisk Ultra 3D 2TB SSD and a Toshiba N300 4 TB SATA3. These two disks quickly became unallocated. After several manipulations via the windows command prompt (chkdsk…), after changing the power cables of the disks, I even put at each disk its power cable to be sure it was not the power supply, the disks worked about 1 month without any problem.Then again, they became unallocated… So I sent the discs back to play the warranty, I even bought a new disk, the WD4003FRYZ Gold 4TB, to be sure it wasn’t the disks. But nothing change about it, the disks become unallocated for no reason. Since 3 discs became unallocated like that, I made several manipulations to make sure it was not defective and I did check the alimentation too, so it seems that the motherboard has something to do with this problem but I want to check here if there’s some possibilities to fix this issue somehow… All my drivers are up to date, my windows too!

I’m a bit desperate, but any help will be really awesome,

Thanks guys

Check the data cables as well as the power cables. Also make sure your PSU is adequate to handle peripherals.