WD3200YS - spin up problem


My drives only spin up when connected to my raid card. I have learn’t that this is a problem with the staggered spinup setting. Looking for a solution without having to send drives back for a factory reset.

cheers John

You mean that they are not recognized by the PC if you connect them directly to the motherboard? 

Are you saying that the drives are programmed to Power Up In Standby (PUIS)? If so, is there a PM2 jumper?

Jumper Settings for WD SATA and EIDE Hard Drives:

Otherwise, it could be that PUIS has been enabled in the firmware. If so, then try using a tool such as HDAT2 to disable it. You will need to start HDAT2 with the /w switch to wake up the drive, ie …

HDAT2 /w

If this doesn’t work (some WD models have a PUIS bug), then see this thread for a solution:


BTW, staggered spinup can also be impemented by controlling pin #11 at the SATA power connector. However, this pin is usually (always?) grounded in PC applications.

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Thanks for the replies.

Yes. Understand it is a bug. Will have a look.

I think Gparted will spin them also. The problem is booting. (sorry gparted may be seeing them but not spinning have to test)

cheers John