WD3200JB control card has burnt bits. Replacement card possible?

My WD3200JB does not spin up to speed.  A careful look through the magnifier reveals a burnt choke (L12) and a couple of cooked pins on the U1 motor-driver chip as well as the end of C6 cooked.  Clearly parts need replacing. :cry:

I can do microsurgery on PCBs if needed, but would prefer to simply replace the whole card.  I understand I might need to swap over the EEPROM U12 so as to keep the drive characteristics relevant.  However, if there has been a problem with U1 could U12 also have been damaged?

I tried asking WD Support if they could supply a replacement PCB, but it would not accept my ‘email’.  Will try again soon.

I would be grateful for any useful ideas.

WD does not sell replacement parts.  If there is data to recover from the drive, you need a replacement PCB of the same exact version.

You can always try Ebay. 

Chances are an ebay item will have a similar fault.

I am in contact with a data recovery firm, who seem to promise everything.  But we shall see.

U12 contains the boot firmware for the drive. If U12 were damaged, then the drive would fail its own internal POST and wouldn’t even attempt to spin.