WD3200BEKT doesnt work properly on my laptop

Hi everyone, I got som issue with my new WD Scorpio Black which  I bought recently because of replacing my old HDD (alreadey damaged due to lot of bad sectors). It is for my Toshiba Satellite U500 laptop. I’ve installed the HDD properly, than formatted it and installed legal copy of Windows 7 64-bit including all needed drivers (downloaded directly from Toshiba Support Web pages). After all I started the laptop and it took a really long time to go on, some 5 minutes or more. Sometimes the laptop freezes immediately for more than 30 secs, and the LED for HDD Activity is steadily lighting. For example I want to run teh Device Manager,so I click on it and than it freezes, u can move the mouse but u cannot open or close anz window, the system or application doesnt react. Or If I want to run any application e.g. firefox it will not run immediatly but after some seconds. I looked also in the Event Viewer and found some Error IDs like 11, 3006, 3007.

The Error 11 should be something wiht the IDE Controller, but I didnt have any issue with it on my old HDD, only with this new one.  I reinstalled all the drivers, but the problem still remains. Is the HDD damaged or is there somtehing with mz laptop or the windows? Thanx for all your help. Peter

PS Sorry of my bad english, but it’s a long time ago I’ve been using it actively. I am from Slovakia, so I am not a native english speaker.

Hello, follow the link below for the steps to run a test with DLG. That will let you know if the problem is with the hard drive or another part of your laptop. Check the link below for the steps. 


Thanx for your answer. I did run the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, ran both tests - the quick and the extended too, but it seems to be everything OK with the drive. Diagnostics couldnt find any problems. So my rpoblem still remains. I did re-install all drivers for controlers, for hdd etc., but nothing changed. Everytime I want to run some application, or do something where the acces to the HDD is needed it stops for some 30 - 40 secs, looks  and also sounds like the drive would go in something like a stand-by mode (it sounds like the heads would be in “parking” position during this time)…and like I already wrote the LED control is steadily lighting (not blinking, it is just still on). And the start of the notebook (till Windos open) and also the turn off take to long, much longer than with the old Toshiba drive (already gone due to much bad sectors, was SATA II, 8mb, 5400rpm). Some suggetions what it could be? Could it be something with the controller (it’s the Intel ICH9M-E SATA AHCI )?


you should maybe post the info from the event viewer related to “disk” in categories warning and error.

At the begining (I mean after fresh istalling of Windows 7 and all teh needed drfivers) I got often the error with the Event ID 11 at the ATAPI ( The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort1.) and at Disk (The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1.) Now I get often the errors with Event ID 3006 and 3007.

Is there a problem with the controller?


I also reallized that the drive is much slower than the old one, everything takes much longer. The 0,1 mb/sec. was  when the HDD freezed like writen above.

and the old Toshiba HDD, already damaged:

and here test of an old Samsung SATA I HDD:

And this old Samsung seems to run properly, I mean no any freezing…, but it is just SATA I.