WD3200AAKS Stops Spinning

I have a WD3200AAKS,im running Win7 on it,and i have this problems:

  1. When i start my PC,my hdd starts to make sounds,like he starts spinnging,and then stops…after 30 sec,message appears- No system disk,pls enter system disk and rr ur PC…

  2. After a few rr,and a few of this messages,my computer starts,and windows loads…But at some point,after a few min of using it,windows freezes,and hdd stops spinning again…After a few min,sometimes even hours,windows reacts again when hdd starts spinning…

I have tried with other windows,other hdds,and both computer and win work fine,my opinion is that it freezes because of the HDD…

Yesterday i ran a test with wd lifeguard and this is what i got:


Model Number: WDC WD3200AAKS-00VYA0

Unit Serial Number: WD-[Deleted]

Firmware Number: 12.01B02

Capacity: 320.07 GB


Test Result: FAIL 

Test Error Code: 08-Error was detected while repairing bad sectors.

Test Time: 10:23:54, December 18,2011

Any help?

According to the test your drive fail. You will need to replace the unit.

Awopero’s right, that drive should be raplaced.