WD3200AAKS Parking Head Problem

Purchased around 25 WD Caviar Blue WD3200AAKS drives.  OS is Windows 7 64-bit.  Started having problems when shutting the PCs down (work fine on reboots), but when the PC is shutdown and powered back up later, the drives makes a clicking sound.  I have found that if you give the case a little tap, the system will boot up just fine.  I was told (by someone else who heard from WD) that this may be a fragmentation problem, however, the drives are not fragmented.  This has happened on around 5 or 6 PCs now.

Any help?

I do not think that this is a fragmentation issue, however the disk can end physically fragmented if you keep tapping on it :smileyvery-happy:

To determine if there is an issue with the drives you may run an Extended Test using DLG

I was told by my distributor that WD said that they acknowledged the problem and that if the drive had any fragmentation then the problem could occur.

that clicking sound ( if its only one everytime you turn on and off the computer is normal)

some drives are more soft than others…

if the drive gives several clicks than… its bad and its problems reading the data

Just had another drive do it this morning.  User shutdown her compute (forgot that I said reboots only, because if you reboot there is no problem.)  When she tried powering back up, you can just hear the hard drive, pulse…pulse…pulse…pulse…no boot device found.  If you give the box a little tap, just a little tap taparu where the hard drive is located, then you will hear it start spinning, and the system boots fine, no glitches.

This shutdown problem may not happen every time.  Like I said before, I have been told that WD acknowledges this problem with this series of drives.  Can someone with WD Support confirm?  I opened a support ticket the other day and all I got from the engineer was if you would like to get an RMA on a drive here is the form, he gave no confirmation.  On my survey I marked that I was not happy, thinking this would spur someone from WD to find out why, guess I should have stuck with Seagate HDs.

Guess I will contact WD and see if I can just get all of my hard drives replaced.

i doubt that you need all your drives replaced

What kind of psu do you have and system? you may not have the power supply needed and is ruin the drives too :confused:

may fry the drives someday if its that the case