WD3200 External Problem -- CRC error


This is regarding my WD3200 I’ve been using for a couple years, and is loaded with important files.  My computer will recognize the drive (G:) once it is plugged in through USB to mini-USB.  It pauses for a long time trying to load the files, but am always promped with the message “you must format your drive to use it.”  Once I select cancel, I’m prompted with an error message about cyclic redundancy.

I downloaded the WD Lifeguard Diagnostics Tool.  Upon loading, it reads the drive and says PASS under SMART Status.  I selected to run a Quick SMART Test, and received this error:

"Quick test on drive2 did not complete!

Status code = 07 (failed read test element), Failure Checkpoint = 65

SMART test did not complete on drive 2!"

I’m not sure what to do about this point.  Formatting this drive is the not option I’m looking for.  I care more about recovering the files than using the drive again.  Please help.

If the drive is visable in Disk Magagement then TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk might work. A linux app running from CD might work too. There is free dsik recovery software. Some is free to try on a small file and pruchase if it works.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply.

I failed to mention, I also tried TestDisk.  TestDisk was able to recognize the drive, but I found it odd that it had the drive listed as a FAT32 LBA.  I recall setting the drive to NTFS.  It scanned the boot and back-up boot sectors, and said it was OK.  But, when I select List (to bring up files), it reported back :

“No File Found.  Seems there is a problem with the file system.”


Any suggestions from this point?