WD3200 AAJS Smooth IC overheating

Hi every one,

Pleas i need your help with my WD3200AAJS :sob::scream::cold_sweat:
it have worked fine without any issue till three days suddenly I see fatal screen error
I restart my PC but doesn’t detected the HDD it tried more and more without any progress.
I checked HDD found that PCB Smooth IC getting very hot and the HDD didn’t splendid.

I have read about this issue in this Community. i found like my issue and almost suggestions to change to with New PCB.
I get the same PCB No-2060-701537-002. i installed new PCB in my HDD i noticed it working fine,but the windows system see it unknown Drive.
i got new information have to move old HDD Bios to new PCB. professional Electronic tell me the smooth IC is fault and started to burn and BIOS integrated with MCU and it’s too difficult to move . we only change fault Smooth IC with new one and return back to my office to check the PCB . I plugged PCB to PUS without HDD still the same issue IC getting very hot. I replaced VTS Diods 12V& 5V from new PCB. still smooth IC getting very hot.

please,please you healp

Hi, unfortunately I have never done this, lets see if another user can provide some guidance or information.