WD30EFRX drives not initializing due to media protected

Hi all,
I am habing problem getting 2x 3Tb drives to work in my PC. when I go to Disk manager it says drive cannot be initilized until the MBR is fixed or something.
another curious thing is that it is a 3TB disk and only 750GB shows up to be formatted. I have been through the steps in DISKPART and have little success.
There is also no data on here, so no need to tip toe around data recovery. it can all be blow away

thanks for your help


you have an SATA controller driver installed, which not support large hard drives like these. You have either to update your current proprietary SATA controller driver or switch to the default IDE or AHCI driver from Microsoft. But not all proprietary SATA controller driver series have get the support for 3TB+ hard drives with later updates. I recommend the default driver.

For the whole 3TB of your hard drive, you have to choose the GPT partition style. The MBR partition style only supports 2.2TB.