WD3000HLFS Partitioning time

Hi all,

I’ve just installed a WD3000HLFS in my desktop, replacing a WD1500HLFS.   I am trying to do a fresh install of Windows 7 but it seems to be hanging when I try to partition the drive.   I create the partition, the drive lights up, but then the machine seems to lock up.   I’ve tried in with Win7 and WinXP install discs.   How long should the partition creation take?  

Any info is appreciated!

how long is it takin?

because in windows 7 shouldnt take that long and win xp actually deppends if you select quick or not

Thanks for the quick response!

I let it run for about four hours under XP with no progress.   It’s run for about two hours under Win7.   I’m beginning to think I may have an issue with my SATA cable or the port on the system board.  

Do you know of a utility for checking basic SATA/drive function that could be placed on a bootable CD or USB drive?

Thanks again!