WD2go Web access

Hi there

please help

I am try to access MBL From WD2go I can log in to WD2go but when it comes to the my WD devices I click on the device icon all I get is the Authencation required and i can’t get passed this messege

can anybody help me


check your account list under Web Access, does the email address you are using show up, and does it have admin rights.  also, you didn’t by chance delete the user, then try to re-add it with the same email address, did you?  That could cause a problem.  I’d try using another email address and see if that works.

What “icon” did you click on before this pops up?   Can you provide a screenshot?

I click on the Fred icon 


I am Having the same issue, but only on Windows 7 machines. I do not have this issue when I use a Win XP or even a OSX machine. When I use those computers, the dialog box does not appear, instead it goes to a webpage that only asks for a password, and this works everytime. So it seems to be a Win 7 issue.

i having the same issue what should i do?