WD2GO WDPhotos on IPAD and local network problem

Hello! I have a problem on my ipad1 with programs WD2go, WDPhotos. I can not go through a local network at MBL and I can not see the files and photos.With 3g everything is OK and I can see their files on the MBL. In my local network using router dlink dir-320. I hope to help, thank you.


D2Go and WDPhotos  begins to run on the local network after restarting ipad and after a while stops again. We also note that the connection status does not change even though the unit sees the files and shows all the time show  waiting.


After experimenting, I can only assume that the problems with the connection on the LAN associated to the router’s configuration that is “upnp” setting after turning off the “upnp” connection to work.

That does not happen to me, what router do you have?