WD2go Login Problem

I can get into the WD2go website in IE10 but when I enter my password to see shares it takes me to an Oracle website and will not let me continue.  I can get in successfully with a Safari Browser.  Is there a setting in IE that I need to change to get past the Java problem?


Make sure you have the latest Java installed on your computer. The fact that it is working or Safari and not IE means the issue is related to Java or IE itself.

Same problem. Worked through EI but sent me to Oracle through Firefox. Reinstalled java now I can’t access wd2go through FF, IE or Chrome. Ideas?



This appears to be a security issue with WD’s software (old-school servlet/applet application maybe?).

I was having the same issue with IE simply landing on the Java home page and Chrome reporting errors. So, I did the unthinkable and actually read the details of the error messages that Chrome reported (or rather the Java plugin). It basicly told me that the software written in Java had some unaddressed security problems, namely an expired security certificate and a security flaw in the coded modules themselves. And, due to these problems, the software would not be supported in future Java releases. 

WD2Go error 2.png

So, in essence, updating Java only makes the problem worse, in order to plug the security hole left by whatever software WD is still using. Thus, it appears that WD’s software for WD2Go (which was never a top notch solution anyway) is the holdup and needs to be patched or overhauled.

The error messages even goes on to detail instructions on how the “Publisher” can fix the problem. But, WD is strangely quiet on the problem.

I think you have to use latest non-java version. See if this applies,  http://community.wd.com/t5/My-Book-Live/Unable-to-access-my-book-live-shares-java-problem/td-p/60533…

“WD My Cloud Desktop utility. This application does not require Java and has no restriction on file transfer size for a better performance”