wd2go everything fine until I right-click on any file

Dear WD2go’ers

I updated my firmware to use wd2go.  That went without problems and my My Book Live seems to still work fine, as it always did.

Everything works fine when logging in on www.wd2go.com, and in selecting a drive and getting its password in.  And Explorer comes up with a view of the drive.

But if I right-click on any file the explorer interface freezes up.

I’m working on a Windows PC under XP and Firefox.  I’m not trying to stream, just copy some files.

The www.wd2go.com DOES work if I try it from home or from work (both on a Windows PC from Firefox)  But not from a remote location other than my office.

Any ideas, work-arounds or alternatives?


Peter Schwenn

it’s most likely the internet or network connection.  I have the same problem from computers that are using wireless.  when I’m on wired connections wd2go works fine.  or, if I’m on an internet connection that is slow.  many times it is working but it’s just looking like it’s not.  I would research wd’s knowledge base also.  I remember hearing about some issues with xp.

It turns out that if I WAIT a good while it works.  Thank you for your comments.

I guess my next issure is to figure out a way to get some idea of the progress of a copy.  As it stands I have to estimate the time that will be required and wait at least that long, maybe twice that time, before giving up.  The progress pop-up that does appear shows no progress in the bar and a zero rate of transmission.

Thanks again

Peter Schwenn

I’m having the exact same issue. On a windows 7 laptop 2 months old. All of my friends that I’ve set up with a share have the same issue. This is an RMA unit too. Mine was killed by the 2nd to last firmware update. I’m starting to regret ever buying this product. It’s been problem after problem. Hopefully that wd_bill dude chimes in.

What specifically is the RMA unit that you’re referring to?  And what is exactly the same issue that you’re having?  Users above just had to wait a while for the file to download. 

My WD NAS is an RMA unit. I could not get into the dashboard after the second to last firmware update. The problem I am having is the same as described in this thread only I am never able to download the file and neither is any user I’ve assigned a share to. I’ve reached out to your tech support. They suggested I upgrade my router. Done. Appropriate ports opened. Done. Heck I even placed the MBL on a DMZ. I really wish I knew how to get this working. It’s quite fruatrating. Internally on my WIFI network I get 2 mb/s transfers/copying of data. If it’s something on my network, I wish someone could point it out. Also the size of files being attempted to transfer while connected to wd2go remotely are 500 mb. The explorer window will immediately say “not responding” when I right click on the file to copy.

Just wait it out. It can take a minute, especially with a fie of that size. Even if the window says NOT RESPONDING, just wait. And the progress bar during a WebDAV transaction is meaningless. It will look like NOTHING is happening, but then it will, all of the sudden, be done. Open your network monitor tab and you’ll see that data is actually moving.

Ok. I’ll admit I am impatient. Webdav is lame. Why cant a progress bar be implemented with this standard? Just curious. On 500mb, how long should the wait be you think? Thanks for your insight.

I just realized, I can’t even initiate the transfer.  As soon as I right click, I get “Not Responding”.  I let it sit for 15 minutes and it continues to chug away at nothing. 

Try drag and dropping the file you want.