i have two phones (DroidX and Incredible 2). Both have the same problem: log onto wd2go.com successfully and also saw my device blah blah until I saw “shares (6)” on top of my screen and hat’s it. I would expect to see a list of shared directories, but nothing at all. There was no prompt either (e.g. related to java).

I am on Verizon FIOS and have set static IP for the WD Live NAS.

Any hint/advice will be greatly appreciated.

BTW, my router is MI424-WR

You don’t want to do it this way. wd2go.com is for accessing from PCs and Macs… not mobile devices. It runs WebDAV, so won’t work on a mobile device.

You need to download the Mobile app from  the Android market.

Yeah. You are absolutely right. Thank you.