wd2go.com transfer very slow!

When I connect the MBLD inside my network the transfering speed is exceptable, but when I use the wd2go,com to connect from outside the home network is totally useless. The transfering speed is nothing to be talk about. Is there any where to fix this? 

I’m connecting the MBLD to my time capsule which is my wifi router. I have comcast cable internet. 10.25mbps download 3.96mbps upload.

What can I do to speed up my transfering speed on wd2go.com?

Well, useless isn’t quantifiable.  What speeds are you actually getting?

I don’t know how to test the speed, but it would take me more than 3 minutes to copy 8mb file from outside network into my MBLD drive at home. 

I’m trying to set it up to be static IP, but I could not succesfully do it. Is there a good tutorial to set up static IP with my Apple Airport?


I just copied an 8 megabyte MP3 file from my NAS at home to my PC at work – took 3 seconds.   :slight_smile:

My internet upload speed is 35 Mbit/second.

So that’s spot on …

Not sure why it’d take yours that much longer (30 seconds would be about right since your internet upload is about 1/10th mine) – maybe the network between you and your NAS is just really slow.

What can I do/check to get it faster? I have opened a drive via wd2go and am copying a 76mb folder. 25% has taken 50 minutes! Its just way too slow. Is this normal/how can I make it faster?

Thanks Ash