wd2go.com blocked by my comapny

I have WD My cloud 4TB. However I cannot access it from my office network as my company blocks access to most cloud storage sites. While I am outside my office, I can connect easily through wd2go but from the office is not possible and the office is where I need it most.
Is there a mirror site for wd2go or any other way available.

Unfortunately, you may have to talk to your IT team in order to allow some connectivity exceptions. There are no mirror sites.

Your company might have been blocking all these cloud or file hosting services. There’s ways of course :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m not gonna say it here as one could get into big trouble for just trying to break this. Try requesting your network admin if they can approve your wd2go access.

I’d echo Nazar78’s words of caution. Blocks like this are usually put in place for a reason (although policy is sometimes poorly thought out), and deliberately attempting to circumvent them may be a disciplinary offence. Best to put in a formal request.

If you want access to media at work, your employer may not want their internet bandwidth taken up by media streaming. Or you watching movies at work…

Year ago I got away using TOR Browser… :smile:
Not sure if it will work again