WD2GO and shortened file names

Is there a way to see the FULL file names on my cloud? It shows the first few letters and then the extension of the file with … in between.
It would be nice if you could rotate your phone and see the list with a wider column AND FULL file names.

I cannot tell which files are different when they start with similar letters.

WD2go hasn’t existed in years. What product are you using?

Thanks for the reply.

I am using WD 2go on my windows phone and have been since I got the WD MyCloud. Is there something else I should be using to get files remotely on my Windows Phone 8.1?

What is the mobile app to use for WD My Cloud?

I see the problem here. That is not available for Windows Phone. When I type that in the search I get:
WD 2go…only.

It must be for android and iPhone only.

Thanks anyways.