WD2GO and Ipad 3 cannot get to work

I have an Ipad 3 and Mybooklive 2tb.

My router is SKY sagen2504.

I have successfully installed WDPhoto on the Ipad and this works fine.

I have been trying to get WD2Go to work with the Ipad.

I have tried all the suggested methods of setting this up on this forum with no sucess,

I get as far as opening a folder like Public, but then it goes no further giving an error message “devidce Offline”

Has anyone had an experience like this.

I have been in contact with WD Support but their suggestions do not work for me.

One of our specialist will contact you as soon as possible. 


I have have been communicating with  from WD support

He sent e a private message sking for some information

I replied

“”""""""""  I made a mistake in my original post regarding my Android phone.
I got so far but didn’t actually connect to the MYbooklive as my phone does
not support FLASH, hence
I could not get any further than the select device page.

I have been able to access the Mybooklive using the wd2go using firefox and
the web based access route.

My IOS is version 6.1.2 on an IPAD 3.
The w2go app is version 2.1.1"""""""""


I also sent him screen shots of my Remote access page on the Mybooklive.

I you cannot get these from Patrik I can send them to you if you send me a private message