WD2go access stopped working

Previously I had been able to use WD2GO to remotely access a My Book Live drive with no problems under Windows XP (SP3) . But  something seems to have changed in the last couple weeks (roughly). Now on any XP machine I’ve tried I get the “The use of SSL or non-standard http port is not supported in XP” message when ever I click on “open in explorer” to map the drive.  Windows 7 stil works fine.

None of the XP machines has changed. Has anything changed recenty in terms of either the WD2GO site (scripts, etc) or the MB Live firmware that might have caused the problem under xp to start? Any suggested solutions?

Still having problems on this. What I am seeing now on all (3) XP machines is  similar to what is shown in the screenshots provided by MrMike  in this post here.  As I said above, all was working fine until very recently.