WD2500ME , drive no longer appears after write zero

i have done a wite zero on my WD2500ME using the WD utility  thinking this would clear the drive down so i could then start backing up again from a clean drive (as it was very slow).

After the write zero finished, my drive has dissapeared completely from windows explorer, and I have no access to the drive, i have no software I can run to back anything up, obviously as the drive is gone.

I dont need to recover any data off the drive.

I am using windows 7.

Can anyone help?


After a full erase has been performed, the disk drive will not be accessible or visible in Windows Explorer because it will likely lack a File System and Partition Table (Initialization). Please visit the following link for additional instructions:


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i really appreciate your response, thank you so much.

i have next gone to the next step of trying to recover the system software.

i have raised a seperate question for that today.