WD2500AAKS hangs up computer at boot. Have two of the same drive doing this

I was using two WD2500AAKS 250GB drives as software raid 1 drives. I restarted the computer and the system locked up immediatly after the CMOS was finished.  The screen was black and Crl-Alt-Del did not do anything.  It never got to any screen showing Windows booting.  It was as soon and the PC access the drives that it hung.  The PC books with other drives.  I took one of the WD2500AAKS drives to another computer. Booted that computer and attempted to boot from the WD2500AAKS .  That computer hung in the extact same manor.  Of course the PC booted fine with another driver.

I put the WD2500AAKS  in an USB harddrive try and hooked it to a working computer.  I was able to see the drive.  I converted it to Standard drive (it had been dynamic for the Mirror) and I was able to see the files on the drive. 

Once again this extact same thing happens on two of the same WD2500AAKS drives.  It happens before any windows or boot messages come on the screen.  It happen on multiple computer.  The data is reabable.

Ran the WD LifeGuard Diadnostics and it passes the quick test


Try doing the extended test, it takes longer but it should give you a more reliable result. 

Ok, let me put it this way.

1- Backup

2- R E P L A C E  IT.