WD20EARS stopped working after a power outage

A few days ago I’ve got a power outage while my computer was on. After the electricity came back, I turned on my computer and I coundn’t load Windows and my hard drive was making a clicking noise. Sometimes the drive is detected in BIOS, but not always. Tried the Data LifeGuard Diagnostics Tool and I get error 0132. The version is correct. I still have warranty, but I want to get my data back. How likely is it that the hard drive’s PCB board was damaged? Would Western Digital fix the problem? Or maybe it’s a simple fix? I know how to solder, but messing with the board could probably woid the warranty. Any suggestions on what I should do? Maybe a diode burned out or something? Thanks.

Here’s the clicking sound that the hard drive makes: http://www.4shared.com/music/5FZiidhC/hddclick.html

Yup, it will void  the warranty if you try to fix it yourself. You probably need to contact a professional data recovery company. 

Another question: if the hard drive is not detected by BIOS and everything else, how likely is that the PCB board or a diode is damaged?

I did encounter several surged drives that started clicking after power surge. If you care about your data more then what the drive is worth you can try fixing it. Diodes would not have anything to td with it since your drive spins up; however, if you can solder check your board for u12 position. Adaptive data is in it, and you would need to move that u12 chip over to the donor board. Donor board must have the same model number as your board has. If you need help locating u12 chip you can snap a photo of your board and upload it here. I would be glad to point it out.

Click on kudos button :wink: I hope you can fix it yourself

If I remove the PCB board, is my warranty woided?

You’re worried about your warranty? Do you want to try to fix the HD or do you just want a new drive? You have to decide which road you want to go down.