WD20EARS not detected by bios

Hi, I just bought two WD20EARS disks, one of which works perfectly, the second causes problems.

For the first disk I was able to have it detected, to format and align it perfectly in Win XP. It now takes care of my mail.

For the second I was able to have it detected and formatted perfectly in Win XP. Then I made the mistake of copying files in it before alignment. That drive started to disappear from XP (“device not ready”).

Then I deleted the partition of that failing drive in Win XP, but when I restarted it was no longer detected by bios.

Motherboard, SATA plug and SATA cable are not damaged, they allow the other new drive to be detected perfectly.

Disk is detected when inside an external usb case, the name WD20EARS is reported correctly, but zero byte. That way the disk does appear in Devices when I right-click on another drive, click on Properties and then Devices. It does not however appear as a disk in the Windows XP disks management.

I have a return ticket from the shop, so I could send it back immediately. However I would like to check one last time with you if there is a miracle solution, before I replace it.

Thank you for reading.

What kind of computer / motherboard do you have?

You can quickly replace it or spend many hours trying to figure out how to fix a bad drive. Replace it.

I have same problem but my Windows cant see him (

Bios can but Windows cant see it (((