WD20EARS hanging while writing/reading in Win7

after searching the internet and then this forum for the issue I am encountering, I found out that this thread presents exactly the same situation as I have - only with another WD drive:


I bought mine almost a year ago. It ran in my former 24/7 PC as an internal storage drive (so no OS on it) - now, for the last few weeks, in my HTPC, it still is a storage device but it’s connected via USB3.0 (ICY BOX).

if I think back now, this hanging issues I seemed to experience also during the usage in the initial PC, but somehow they didn’t occur so often and I ignored them. lately, it happens more and more often, especially when writing into certain areas (partitions). when reading from the disk these hanging issues happen less often.

here are some details regarding my WD20EARS drive (as whown in DLGDIAG):

Model Number: WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0

S/N: [Deleted]

built on the 5th of December 2010 in Malaysia

so, my question is: what can be done with this drive in order to get rid of the hangings, which - as described at the URL above - make the PC mainly unusable for a few minutes. is it a clear situation for a RMA? it would be very important for me to know what to do since I have some precious information on it.

thanx in advance for your feedback.

L.E.: wanted to let you know that the simple test of DLGDIAG has been performed succesfully by this drive. now I am still running the extended test.

now DLGDIAG says that it has passed the extended test, too, which ran 6:37 hours.

should I not worry in this case?

after successfully finishing both WD Diag tests tried to copy a file to a partition/folder where I used to encounter the mentioned hanging issues – and it still happens…

can I RMA it in these conditions, or do I have to wait until the drive literally dies (and all tests confirm this)?