WD20EARS 2TB Running Write Zeros test using WD Digital Data lifeguard Diagnostics

I recently purchased two Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB internal drives to use in a NAS. I used the W estern Digital tools to test them to make sure they were going to be stable to use in the NAS. I isntalled the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool that I downloaded off the western digital website. I ran the Write Zeros test for the entire drive. It took pretty much an entire day to run it. At the end of the test I get this dialog box error with the message “Faield to update disk property”. I’m not sure what this meant as I couldnt’ find much information about it. I wanted to ask the community for help if I need to be alarmed by this message. When I close the dialog box with the error it still says the test completed. I got this message when I ran the test for both drives. Thanks in advance for helping me with my inquiry.

As you wrote in another thread it could very well be the SATA controller on your motherboard that is at fault here. I would try a different motherboard, a Intel one if you can find or borrow one for cheap.