WD20EADS 2TB Green No Longer Recognized

Hoping that someone can help give me some ideas on what may have happened.  I just upgraded my computer with a new motherboard, CPU and 4TB drive.  My 2TB was previously in use on the old system running Windows XP (NTFS) and now I am running Windows 7 Pro.  The computer does not recognize the drive whether it is plugged in directly to a SATA port or when I place it in an external drive case with USB cable connection.  My other drive which is a Seagate 400GB SATA transfered into my new system without a hitch.

I recall taking a jumper off one of my drives but can’t be sure it was the WD20EADS.  I’ve tried the various jumper settings to see if it would make a difference and had no luck.

I have 15 years of home movies backed up on this drive and hope to gain access again.  ANY IDEAS?

Thank you!

Make sure that the disk management is assigning a letter to the drive.

Try using the drive with no jumpers since is a sata drive.

Is the drive showing in the Bios of the computer?