Wd2002fyps entreprise storage hdd replace

I purchased some (WD re4 - gp sata / 64MB cache wd2002fyps entreprise storage) hdd a few years ago.I use-it in a Dell storage server device for CCTV.
for a moment I need to replace 2 of them, but in my country that kind of model are end of life.
Please give me an equivalent for same product, ofc firmware must include the Dell certification, and were would I find it ?


Hi, Fix-IT,

Well, you can buy the same i.e WD® RE4-GP product from other online retailers as it was not available in your country or if you want to replacement drive of the same then you can go for “WD1005FBYZ” WD Gold Enterprise-Class Hard Drive.


I apreciate your aduce
Have a nice day

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