WD2000FYYZ-01UL1B1 after format with Windows server 2003 disk manager, the free space just 54%

Dear All,

I have one 2T disk which has issue as what I descript in subject, is there anyone know how to fix it? I try to run WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic EXTENDED TESTand the result is PASS. But, if I run chkdsk, it show there are around 880GB in bad sectors. Is this disk broken and need RMA or what can I do to fix it? 


Please bear in mind Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is based on Microsoft Windows XP, and as such it shares some of the limitations related to Advance Format (4k) disk drive compatibility as Microsoft Windows XP. I would recommend installing and formatting either disk on a Microsoft Windows Vista (Or later) system in order to confirm if the described issue is the result of improper alignment. If this is indeed the case then you may need additional 3rd party applications in order to align the disk for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, or install (And format) the disks with a jumper set on pins 7 & 8.