WD2 Tb Drive will not fully recognize


I have a WD 2.0TB SATA Drive connected via a SATA to USB Cable to a Win 7 Ulitmate 32 bit O/S.  Windows does see the drive in Device manager BUT it will not populate into the “My Computer” Dialog box so that I can pull data off of it.

Basically, I can’t access the drive to get my data off.  Any help would be much Appreciated!


Does the drive show in Disk Management and does it have a letter?


yeah so it does show in Diswk Management but in order to navigate the drive I need to format it but I don;t wnat to do that because I am trying to  extract data that is currently on it.

I bought the drive as an HP simple Save drive.  There proprietary S/W sucked and got corrupted not allowing me to access the drive.  I consequently, opened the casing and  took the drive out.  Turns out it is just a WD 2.0 TB Drive.