WD1600BEVT-75ZCT2 not detecting . Looking for compatible HDD to replace the PCB

I’m facing an issue with my HDD (WD1600BEVT-75ZCT2) as it’s not being detected, and I’m in urgent need of data recovery from the drive. I suspect there might be a PCB problem.

I’m currently attempting to replace the PCB, but unfortunately, I can’t find the exact HDD model. I’m seeking recommendations for a compatible HDD that I can use for this purpose since my original HDD is not available. Any suggestions on a compatible HDD would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @code.red,

Please refer to the article to troubleshoot the issue: Resolve Internal Drive Not Detected by Windows or macOS Guided Assist

Western Digital does not sell or replace circuit boards or PCB board for our hard drives nor are we aware of any other companies that sell them. Replacing the PCB board on a hard drive is not a recommended method for recovering data or drive functions as this will void the warranty on the hard drive.

Please refer to the mentioned link for more information: Recover Data from a Drive, Obtain a Circuit Board, Repair a Drive, or Find Data Recovery Partners

Also, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: https://support-en.wd.com/app/ask

I believe that finding the exact match is a task, so here I have a few points which may help you with your problem

  1. Search for a compatible PCB: While you may not find the exact model, you might find a PCB from a similar Western Digital drive that shares the same family or is close in specifications.
  2. Contact Western Digital support: Reach out to Western Digital customer support they might be able to provide guidance or assistance in finding a compatible replacement PCB.
  3. Consider data recovery software: In this case, data recovery software can be of great use to you, there are many in the market providing a free version also, you can first try the free version and then go to any paid version. A few examples are Stellar Data Recovery, EaseUS, Recuva, etc.
  4. Consult data recovery professionals: If you’re not comfortable or experienced with replacing PCBs, it might be best to seek help from professional data recovery services. They have the expertise and resources to handle such situations and can potentially recover data even without a working PCB.

Remember, attempting to replace the PCB yourself carries risks, and it’s important to handle the drive and its components with care to avoid further damage. If in doubt, seeking professional assistance is often the safest route to data recovery. And it’s also advisable that to avoid these types of situations, always keep a backup of your data.

Mister @EstherEdward
The official answer also amply and for YOU SO TO READ and print it at your brain cells.

About Mister @code.red , he did a huge mistake asking advice’s about used PCB within WD forum.
Data restoration services its not hobby task, its a profession, therefore nothing comes for free, and neither the advice’s which they do measure up as solutions.