WD1600AAJS Won't Let Me Fresh Install Windows 7 From DVD

So my old HDD failed and I purchased this as a cheap alternative. The HDD is recognised in the BIOS OK as SATA first of all using a USB Windows 7 install I got the error message 0x80070057 which relates to external devices I unplugged everything and tried again Nothing.

I then tried using as official Windows 7 DVD and it boots OK however when it asks to format it goes through a loading phase and then it asks me for a driver. I’ve done this three times and twice it asked for a driver and the last time I just get “Cannot Install On This Device”.

The only drivers on the website are for diagnostics and not an actual device driver.

Can anyone help?

  1. go to bios

make sure you set SATA port to IDE or AHCI 

also you should check BIOS update if there any update for your motherboard

  1. incase the problem still there after you make changes, try set SATA port to IDE

  2. if the problem still happen, then try another SATA port on your motherboard

  3. if still getting the issue, try another SATA cable

if you done above but still can’t complete 

  1. check your memory/RAM with memtest

make sure it pass several test without any errors

then test your drive with WD diag, you should look on WDC download page

check whether your new drive ok or failure