WD1600AAJS Firmware?

I have 6 WD1600AAJS drives, 4 perchased together in november 2009, and 2 purchased in jan 2010.

The two in jan 2010 have a newer firmware than the previous 4, i know this by installing the Intel Matrix Storage manager, and looking at the information on each drive (I’m using all 6 in raid on the ICH10R chipset on my x58-based intel motherboard, but that’s beside the point.)

I can not seem to locate any location any where on the support site, nor any links in these forums, that point me to firmware downloads for this specific hard drive model.

I’ve used the actual WD search, and i’ve google-searched both the community site, and the WD support site for it, and found nothing, i even went so far as to search for “Firmware” when google-searching the community site and read each and every post listed for any hint of where to get WD firmware, and i saw nothing.

Can someone please point me as to where this is? Or email me at: admin (at) outfoxed (dot) net with a link.

For those wondering, i’m trying to keep all drives in the raid 100% equal, exact matched drive model already, but i’d like to keep the firmware matched as well to ensure complete compatability and stability.

Thank you in advance.

First of all, those are not Raid drives.  So, there’s no guarantee that they’ll even last in a Raid configuration.  Secondly, there is no firmware updates for them.  The different revisions only happen in manufacturing, and are only for that lot of drives.