WD15EARX boot issue suddenly?

Ok so this is the error I am currently getting … at boot… if I disconnect the drive the system boots fine… if the drive is connected it pops this error and halts… I have no clue what this means, I have switched it to the only sata drive in the system and played with installing windows on it … the xp cd boots and as soon it gets to the preperation screen it blue screens and kicks me back out , same blue screen I get when it does manage to bypass this error screen… I am at my wits end… all of my work pictures are on this drive dating back 20 years as well as family photos… any help anyone?

I need to point out that it is a WD Green WD15EARS  MFG date 08 FEB 2011 … 


I guess that the system boots fine only from the DVD when the HDD is disconnected?! Try to connect your HDD as SATA and your DVD as Secondary Master IDE.

Good luck.

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Actually that boot the drive was connected as sata while the dvd was connected as standard IDE (re: the picture) I got the UBCD to see it last night but I cannot access the drive in order to see if the issue is with the MBR or something of that ilk. I have a testdrive program that I put on another cd that I am gonna test out here shortly I will update when I can … off to real life stuff :slight_smile:  Thanks again for the tip.

Ervau,   going off what you suggested the drive is still not recognized as present when connected on any of the sata slots giving the same PIO error, I cannot add it to the ide as there is not adapter present … the CD / DVD drives are the only IDE devices in the machine both my WD 250 and the WD 1.5 are SATA I have tried every configuration of SATA available within the machine as far as changing ports on the MB itself… Tried putting the 1.5 as Master and the 250 as slave and every combination there-in … :-/


on SATA there’s no Master/ Slave; there’s only 1st HDD, 2nd HDD … based on the port you connect to.

What I proposed is connecting your DVD not to the 1st IDE-chanel but to the 2nd to give the motherboard the chance to see the HDD first. In BIOS set all to AUTO to identify the drives.

It’s just some idea.