WD15EARS problem, disconnects itself after awhile

Hey Guys

Like the subject says. I’ve bought WD15EARS few days ago and I have a problem with it. I’m running Win7 Home Premium. First time I had no problem with it. I’ve installed it in my case, activated it in Win Disc Menagement and it was working for about 1 hour. I’ve put some files on it and all of a sudden it disconnect itself. Windows can’t see it but BIOS does. When I unplug it for awhile and put it back in it’s possible to detect it in Disc Menagement (sometimes, not often though) but after awhile it disconnects again. This is my secondary HDD. I thought it could be cable problem but I’ve replaced SATA cable for SATA III (compatibile with I and II as well) and nothing. I don’t think it’s power problem coz 900W from my power supply unit suppose to be sufficient. Please help Guys.

Oh btw. If its any help sometimes when HDD is plugged it freezes my PC before win loading screen and sometimes during windows loading.

Thanks in advance for fast reply


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Ok guys, nevermind. Didn’t solve the problem so the HDD went all the way back to the seller with it’s own crappy speed. Thank God for that. I am just wondering how such a great company as WD could make such a huge mistake with all the latest HDD releases. Well…I wont be playing with WD HDD’s anymore…thats for sure.