WD15EADS slow write speeds

Recently my internal storage drive WD15EADS has been suffering from really slow write speeds. Before it would get 25-50 MB/s on very large files. Now its down to 1-10 MB/s. I did notice lagging when attempting to play videos or open folders on the drive. The drive is installed on a Windows 7 machine. I have tried it using on a XP box and as a external drive. The results are the same. I do have over half of the available space left. Is my drive going bad or is there anything I can do?


I would recommend that you run Chkdsk (Check Disk) and Defragment on the hard drive. If there are file system errors or the drive is too heavily fragmented, this can cause issues with your drive. If you still have problems after performing these two operations, run the WD Extended Test with our Data Lifeguard software to see if there are any problems with the physical drive the software can repair.