WD120EFBX idle timeout

Does the WD120EFBX 12TB drive still have a timeout on it causing the load/unload cycle count to increase and can WDIDLE3 utility disable the timeout?

WDIDLE3 uses Vendor Specific Commands (VSCs) to set a parameter within a particular WD firmware module (module #2). WD120EFBX is a rebadged HGST model, so it uses a different firmware architecture with different VSCs.

In short, the answer is no, WDIDLE3 will not work with your model.

In Windows 11 open the control panel and select power options, select change advanced options
At the top is the timeout value for hard disks, you can set it set it as desired

Sorry Vegan - that is for windows power control only. The actual disk firmware will park the heads on its own irrespective of what windows tells the disk after an idle timeout - fortuately the timeout looks to be quite long (10 minutes?).

There are more advanced options for power in the control panel but these are now hard to find
I use SSD which are agnostic to power on hours, writes are the limiting factor